Short cut keys of Mastercam

Mastercam short keys

Hi Everyone,

As we all know, the leading CNC Programming CAM software “Mastercam” from CNC software Inc, which as millions of user all over world with passion on working in it.

Here are some short keys for mastercam, for entry level user, to make their work little faster.

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Command Short Key
Analyze entities F4
AutoSave Alt+A
Run Add-In Alt+C
Configure Mastercam Alt+F8
Copy to clipboard Ctrl+C
Cut to clipboard Ctrl+X
Delete entities F5
Drafting options Alt+D
Exit Mastercam Alt+F4
Fit geometry to screen Alt+F1
Grid settings Alt+G
Gview–Back Alt+3
Gview–Bottom Alt+4
Gview–Front Alt+2
Gview–Isometric Alt+7
Gview–Left Alt+6
Gview–Previous Plane Alt+P
Gview–Right Alt+5
Gview–Top Alt+1
Help Alt+H
Levels Manager Alt+Z
Set from entity Alt+X


About Mastercam Alt+V
Motion controller rotation point Alt+F12
Multi-Threading Manager Alt+M
Pan Arrow keys
Paste from clipboard Ctrl+V
Planes Manager Alt+L
Redo an event Ctrl+Y
Rotate Alt+Arrow keys
Save Ctrl+S
Save as Ctrl+Shift+S
Select all Ctrl+A
Shading on/off Alt+S
Shading translucency on/off Ctrl+T
Show/hide gnomons Alt+F9
Show/hide axes F9
Show/hide entity Alt+E
Show/hide displayed toolpaths Alt+T
Solids Manager Alt+I
Toolpaths Manager Alt+O
Un-zoom 80% Alt+F2
Un-zoom to previous or 50% F2
Undo the last event Ctrl+Z
Zoom window F1
Zoom/un-zoom by 5% Pg Up/Pg Down



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