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Short cut keys of Mastercam

Mastercam short keys

Hi Everyone,

As we all know, the leading CNC Programming CAM software “Mastercam” from CNC software Inc, which as millions of user all over world with passion on working in it.

Here are some short keys for mastercam, for entry level user, to make their work little faster.

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We CAMtutor, provide online training classes on Mastercam from India, with one 2 one live screen sharing method to people located in different parts of the world like Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, Australia etc.

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Command Short Key
Analyze entities F4
AutoSave Alt+A
Run Add-In Alt+C
Configure Mastercam Alt+F8
Copy to clipboard Ctrl+C
Cut to clipboard Ctrl+X
Delete entities F5
Drafting options Alt+D
Exit Mastercam Alt+F4
Fit geometry to screen Alt+F1
Grid settings Alt+G
Gview–Back Alt+3
Gview–Bottom Alt+4
Gview–Front Alt+2
Gview–Isometric Alt+7
Gview–Left Alt+6
Gview–Previous Plane Alt+P
Gview–Right Alt+5
Gview–Top Alt+1
Help Alt+H
Levels Manager Alt+Z
Set from entity Alt+X


About Mastercam Alt+V
Motion controller rotation point Alt+F12
Multi-Threading Manager Alt+M
Pan Arrow keys
Paste from clipboard Ctrl+V
Planes Manager Alt+L
Redo an event Ctrl+Y
Rotate Alt+Arrow keys
Save Ctrl+S
Save as Ctrl+Shift+S
Select all Ctrl+A
Shading on/off Alt+S
Shading translucency on/off Ctrl+T
Show/hide gnomons Alt+F9
Show/hide axes F9
Show/hide entity Alt+E
Show/hide displayed toolpaths Alt+T
Solids Manager Alt+I
Toolpaths Manager Alt+O
Un-zoom 80% Alt+F2
Un-zoom to previous or 50% F2
Undo the last event Ctrl+Z
Zoom window F1
Zoom/un-zoom by 5% Pg Up/Pg Down


What’s New in NX-CAM 12 for Die Mould -2019


In this below video Mr. Alexander Freund, Product Manager for Mouls and Die, of Siemens PLM explained the new and innovative update came in Siemens NX CAM 12

NX CAM for Manufacturing

Adaptive Milling

Adaptive Milling, a new high speed milling strategy, introduced on last version of NX CAM,

The bottom up strategy, is newly introduced in Adaptive Milling on rest milling option, which will maintain an even stock for finishing, as explained on the video.

This method of machining are very useful on die, mould machining applications, to save a huge cycle time on roughing.

Suresh, Completed Mastercam Training in Malaysia.

Hi Friends,

We are sharing the feedback of Mr Suresh Kumar from Maslaysia, who completed Mastercam from CAMtutor.

Find his feedback below as he said.

He was working in Malacca Malaysia, in CNC field, He decided to improve his career growth by learning Mastercam, he din’t find any place nearby, finally he found CAMtutor (team Millwright) for Learning Mastercam course online, facilities are good enough to teach technically deeper. The course was 100% satisfied as expected, also they committed to support for doubt clearing after completion of training also. The training method is very easy for me to understand. Thanks Millwright

Feedback from Suresh Kumar

Titans of CNC Partners with Mastercam


Titans of CNC INC announced its partnership with a popular CAD/CAM Software “Mastercam” from CNC Software INC.

About Titans of CNC Academy

Titans of CNC academy is leader in world class, manufacturing training, includes CNC machining, CAD/CAM, also their online training materials for learning CNC machining has great reach all over the world.

About Mastercam

Mastercam is an industry leader for more than 35 years, CNC Software takes pride in meeting the demanding needs of our customers by providing excellent products at affordable prices. We adhere to our strategy of combining superior software programming with practical shop floor experience. We have remained at the forefront of CAD/CAM technology by listening to our customers’ needs, being accessible, and most of all, being dedicated to our customers. CNC Software has provided CAD/CAM solutions to more than 250,000 installations worldwide in the mold making, automotive, aerospace, and consumer industries.

Titan Gilroy, CEO, TITANS of CNC.

As our Academy continues to grow, we believe it is necessary to teach with the latest, most-advanced CAM software and machining technology available. Knowledge is power, and what we teach has a direct effect on manufacturing companies’ ability to outperform their competitors.” said Titan Gilroy, CEO, TITANS of CNC.

Meghan West, President, CNC Software, Inc.

We are proud to partner with such an inspirational team,” said Meghan West, President, CNC Software, Inc. “From the beginning of our existence, CNC Software has made a concerted effort to address the educational market. We have always recognized the importance of recruiting young minds into our field. TITANS of CNC has made it their mission to do just that. We are proud and humbled to be working with such a wonderful group of people that have the same mission.”


Millwright won ” Top performer in India” award from Esprit Cam

DP Technology

DP TECHNOLOGY is a leading developer and supplier of computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software for a full range of machine tool applications. ESPRIT, DP Technology’s flagship product, is a powerful, high-performance, full-spectrum programming system for milling, turning, wire EDM, and multi-tasking machine tools.

Asian reseller Conference.

Recently DP Technology conducted a reseller conference for its Asian team in Cambodia, where re sellers and Employees from India, China, Korea, Indonesia,Taiwan participated along with their family.Local sight seeing for Angkor wat temple,Bayon temple along with Cambodian traditional dance was also part of the plan and everybody had fun filled memories.

Technical sessions were held on new release of Espirit CAM “TNG”.Sales session and upcoming business plan for 2019 was discussed.

Millwright Top performer of the year!

Millwright received “TOP PERFORMER ” of the Year in INDIA award for sales and support to its customers, the award was presented by Mr Paul Ricard (Co- founder of DP technology) and Mr Mike Lauer (Director- Asia), with presence of Mr. Mohamed Maitheen- Application Manager – Asia pacific.

Mastercam Introduces new Post Processor for HEIDENHAIN TNC

Mastercam world’s leading CAM software from CNC software Inc, recently announced its new post processor for Heidenhain Control,

The HEIDENHAIN TNC 5X MILL was developed by our corporate post department . This 5-axis post processor for Mastercam Mill supports the HEIDENHAIN TNC530, TNC620, and TNC640 controls.

This post will be done Mastercam 2020,

The HEIDENHAIN TNC 5X Mill post processor includes support for the following:

  • TNC530, TNC620, and TNC640 controls
  • PLANE commands (STAY, TURN, MOVE)
    • VECTOR
    • EULER
  • TCPM
    • TCPM (TNC640)
    • M128 (TNC530)
  • Multiaxis machining:
    • Rotary output
    • Vector output
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  • Drilling
    • CYCLE 200 (Drilling)
    • CYCLE 205 (Universal Pecking)
    • CYCLE 203 (Universal Drilling)
    • CYCLE 207 (Rigid Tapping)
    • CYCLE 202 (Boring)
    • CYCLE 201 (Reaming)
  • Cutter comp (2D / 3D)
  • Subprograms
  • Safe Retract Routine
  • Coolant (X-style)
  • Canned text
  • Manual entry
  • HSM support (CYCL DEF 32)
  • Axis clamping
  • Work offsets (CYCL DEF 247 DATUM SETTING)
  • Transform operations (No subroutine output)
  • Rotary axis limit detection

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