Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for joining the course online

  • At the time of registration 100% of the fees should be paid by the trainee. 
  • Those trainees who want to complete the course online are supposed to pay the full course fees at the time of registration. 
  • If the trainee is continuously absent for more than 2 weeks without information, the registration of that trainee will be cancelled & if the trainee wants to continue the course he needs to register once again with full fees. 
  • No pirated software will be provided to any trainee at any cost. 
  • Fees paid is not refundable & also not transferable. 
  • Certificate & the Course material will be provided only after 3 weeks of the course completion.
  • No Trainee is allowed to use Pen drives or any storage devices in the systems. 
  • The training will be conducted strictly according to the syllabus sheet provided by the authority.