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Mr.Velayutham’s feedback about Millwright, Completed Mastercam Online Training from India

Mastercam training feedback

Meet Mr.Velayutham from Thoothukudi, Tamilnadu. He worked as a CNC programmer in Singapore after completing his Diploma in Mechanical engineering. He came to India during lockdown, and he utilized this lockdown period by complete his Mastercam training through online from his home town.

In the feedback video, he said “Millwright is the best option for CNC and CAM programming training, I have attended the online Mastercam class and I would like to share my training experience with Millwright. I was looking to join Mastercam online class hence I surfed in Google for the best Mastercam training institute in Singapore and then I came to know about CAMtutor a division of Millwright offering online advanced Mastercam training in Tamil and English languages. Initially I don’t have confidence in doing classes through online and I preferred only Offline classes and then I tried to contact Millwright team they responded me instantly, and they gave a confidence in doing online Mastercam software training through free demo class.”

Benefits of choosing Online CAD/CAM, CNC Machining training with Millwright

  • Save your Travel accommodation and food expenses by learning from your place
  • One to One live classes are taken so that you can clear your doubts directly with the trainer
  • Providing support even after completing the course
  • Flexible time slot allotted as per your request time for online classes
  • Free demo available, before joining the course
  • Become a certified CAM programmer, after completion of training course


We CAMturor.online provide online Mastercam training courses from India. Peoples from different part of the world like Tampines, Kembangan, Bukit Batok etc from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Penang etc from Malaysia, Sydney from Australia, Dubai from UAE,Muscat from Oman,Kuwait, Bahrain, Canada etc get trained and get benefits from this training courses. For more details contact us

click the below link to watch the video feedback of Mr.Velayutham about Millwright, Completed Mastercam online training from India

Meet Saravanan , completed Mastercam training in Malaysia.

Dear Friends,

In this post we are sharing the testimonial video of Mr.Saravanan from Malaysia, who completed Mastercam training in 30 days from CAMtutor .

Please find his testimonial video below as he said,

He is working in Klang, Selangor, Malaysia for the past five years as a CNC programmer, and he has ten years of total experience in CNC fields. When he starts his working in Malaysia he came to know that most of the CNC industries in Malaysia uses Mastercam for Programming but the sad is he don’t know to work with Mastercam and it becomes a barrier in his carrier, so he decided to Learn Mastercam courses in Malaysia hence he surfed in internet and finally he came to know about CAMtutor a division of Millwright who provide online Mastercam training in many cities in Malaysia like Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Sepang, Petaling Jaya, Johor Bahru,Sekinchan etc., He got free demo session then got Confidence in him self to learn Mastercam and do programming then finally he joined Mastercam online training took one-month training in Mastercam courses in design, 2D & 3D tool path, 4th & 5th axis. Now he is a Mastercam programmer in his company thus he improved his programming skills and CNC carrier. He Thanked Millwright.

We CAMturor.online provide online Mastercam training courses from India. Peoples from different part of the world like Tampines, Kembangan, Bukit Batok etc from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Penang etc from Malaysia, Sydney from Australia, Dubai from UAE,Muscat from Oman,Kuwait, Bahrain, Canada etc get trained and get benefits from this training courses. For more details contact us

Wildest Competition for CNC Programmers!

Dear fellow CNCist,

In this post I would like to share an event organizing from Mastercam team.

Time is the wisest counselor of all “-Pericles

This is a right time or opportunity to show your programming skills and win cash prize from Mastercam. The challenge is very simple create a bold, original item using Mastercam.

Awards & Rewards

There are four divisions of category like School level, College/ University level, Professional, Team. In each Category 3000$ cash award for first place, with the total of $5000 in prizes for each of the four categories. Every participant will receives Mastercam T-shirt.


We CAMtutor.online is a platform to learn Mastercam online training from 2 axis to 5 axis training. This online class for Mastercam is a certified short term course, peoples from Singapore,Malaysia,Sydney (Australia), Canada, United Kingdom etc, have joined this Mastercam online training and got benefited.

Rules to be Followed

Original part must be programmed using Mastercam.
• All entries must be created between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2021.
• Entrant(s) should share pictures and videos of their progress on Social Media using the hashtags #MastersofCAM
and #WildestParts.
• Part should not be painted in a way that obscures the quality of machining.
• Part must be suitable for display at schools and trade shows; no weapons or weapon replicas will be accepted.
• All entrants receive notification of winners.
• All entries become the property of CNC Software, Inc. and may be used for marketing purposes.
• All entrants must be postmarked by June 30, 2020.
• Please consider shipping requirements and restrictions when planning part size.
• Parts are judged based on the condition in which they are received.
• Completed entry form, release form, and appropriate files must be included with your entry

Professional Level
Team Level
School / College Level

Show Off Your Work

Make sure to take videos and pictures of your project at various stages of development. Share these images on social media using #WildestParts, #MastersofCAM, and #Mastercam to showcase your talent and ingenuity.

Here are some ideas to share:

  • Image or screen capture of the part in the design stage
  • Image or screen capture of tool paths or G-code you generate
  • Video of your part on the machine
  • Video or photo overview of the project in segments or start to finish
  • Pictures of you with your project at various stages—especially the final part!

Courtesy : https://www.mastercam.com/

 Visit : https://www.mastercam.com/community/competitions/wildestparts/


Titans of CNC Partners with Mastercam


Titans of CNC INC announced its partnership with a popular CAD/CAM Software “Mastercam” from CNC Software INC.

About Titans of CNC Academy

Titans of CNC academy is leader in world class, manufacturing training, includes CNC machining, CAD/CAM, also their online training materials for learning CNC machining has great reach all over the world.

About Mastercam

Mastercam is an industry leader for more than 35 years, CNC Software takes pride in meeting the demanding needs of our customers by providing excellent products at affordable prices. We adhere to our strategy of combining superior software programming with practical shop floor experience. We have remained at the forefront of CAD/CAM technology by listening to our customers’ needs, being accessible, and most of all, being dedicated to our customers. CNC Software has provided CAD/CAM solutions to more than 250,000 installations worldwide in the mold making, automotive, aerospace, and consumer industries.

Titan Gilroy, CEO, TITANS of CNC.

As our Academy continues to grow, we believe it is necessary to teach with the latest, most-advanced CAM software and machining technology available. Knowledge is power, and what we teach has a direct effect on manufacturing companies’ ability to outperform their competitors.” said Titan Gilroy, CEO, TITANS of CNC.

Meghan West, President, CNC Software, Inc.

We are proud to partner with such an inspirational team,” said Meghan West, President, CNC Software, Inc. “From the beginning of our existence, CNC Software has made a concerted effort to address the educational market. We have always recognized the importance of recruiting young minds into our field. TITANS of CNC has made it their mission to do just that. We are proud and humbled to be working with such a wonderful group of people that have the same mission.”


Mastercam Introduces new Post Processor for HEIDENHAIN TNC

Mastercam world’s leading CAM software from CNC software Inc, recently announced its new post processor for Heidenhain Control,

The HEIDENHAIN TNC 5X MILL was developed by our corporate post department . This 5-axis post processor for Mastercam Mill supports the HEIDENHAIN TNC530, TNC620, and TNC640 controls.

This post will be done Mastercam 2020,

The HEIDENHAIN TNC 5X Mill post processor includes support for the following:

  • TNC530, TNC620, and TNC640 controls
  • PLANE commands (STAY, TURN, MOVE)
    • VECTOR
    • EULER
  • TCPM
    • TCPM (TNC640)
    • M128 (TNC530)
  • Multiaxis machining:
    • Rotary output
    • Vector output
Learn Mastercam from Professionals!
  • Drilling
    • CYCLE 200 (Drilling)
    • CYCLE 205 (Universal Pecking)
    • CYCLE 203 (Universal Drilling)
    • CYCLE 207 (Rigid Tapping)
    • CYCLE 202 (Boring)
    • CYCLE 201 (Reaming)
  • Cutter comp (2D / 3D)
  • Subprograms
  • Safe Retract Routine
  • Coolant (X-style)
  • Canned text
  • Manual entry
  • HSM support (CYCL DEF 32)
  • Axis clamping
  • Work offsets (CYCL DEF 247 DATUM SETTING)
  • Transform operations (No subroutine output)
  • Rotary axis limit detection

For more details please visit the below link


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