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How Machining Cloud helps CNC Programmers?

Machining cloud in CNC machining

Dear fellow CNCist,

Here in this article, we like to share some valuable information about a browser-based application “Machining Cloud” made delicately for machining application.

What is a Machining Cloud ?

Machining Cloud is made to leading a digital shift within the discrete manufacturing industry to deliver a new level of operational efficiency.  Cloud-based applications, digital product data resources, knowledge and services from the world’s leading manufacturers of machine tools, cutting tools, work holding , CAD/CAM software and special products that are providing efficiency in improvements by providing the flow of data to and from today’s software and data intensive shop-floor.

Machining Cloud holding hands with the world’s best and largest providers of manufacturing equipment and software to offer an extraordinary amount of resources within a merged system making the lives of manufacturers easier than ever before.

Source : Machining Cloud

How Machining Cloud could help CNC programmers ?

Whenever a programmer needs to develop a New part on CNC machine, he needs to concentrate lots of activities like, work holding, cutting tools, holder, surface finish, tolerance, materials, cutting parameters, etc.

For this, a CNC programmer needs to go through lots of catalogs and brochures, of several products. The Machining cloud act as a digital catalog for several brands of Cutting tools, Holders, fixtures, machine, etc,

some of the brands available on machining cloud

The programmers can visualize and select the required tool holder fixture with the help of 3D model available on the machining cloud and can be imported to CAM software like EspritCAM, Mastercam, and more, which reduces hours of programming time.

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Highlights of Machining Cloud

  • Find the right cutting tools faster up to 75% than the traditional method
  • Improves cutting tools, job management, and reporting
  • Simplify the CNC cutting tool workflow
  • Make smarter CNC cutting tool selections
  • The 3D CAD models that come from Machining Cloud are in the ubiquitous STEP format, so they can be used in the shop’s software.
  •  If the shop’s software has a cloud connection, this data is automatically fed into the software. Alternately, the CAM programming will end up typing the data manually into the software as is done now from websites and catalogs.
  • Share jobs, tools, and machines among your co-workers