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DP Technology Partnership with Alma for ROBOT DED

Alma-DP technology

We would like to share information about DP Technology, USA – Developer of Esprit CAM System and Alma , France –Leading CAD/CAM provider for Robotics . Dp Technology has announced Partnership with Alma . DP Technology and Alma together developed a Programming Solution for Robot DED ( Direct Energy Deposition ) Additive Manufacturing.

About DP Technology:

Dp Technology is the parent company of Esprit. Esprit is a high-performance CAM System supporting any class of CNC Machine. It provides a smart manufacturing solution for any machining application.

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About Alma:

Alma is a leading developer of CAD/CAM Software for Sheet Metal Working, Cutting and robotics also it’s the leading specialist in automatic nesting of complex shapes for cutting over 40 years. Alma represented in 8 countries through its distribution network.

Benefits of DED AM Technology:

DP technology Collaborated with Alma to provide a complete Programming solution for Robot Direct Energy Deposition (DED). WAAM (Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing) is one of the DED Technologies being applied in Robot DED to produce the net shapes with less cost-effective, decreased lead time, and improved performance.

A robotic DED machine costs significantly less when compared to a machine tool-based DED Machine and moreover many companies have existing programmable Industrial robots that can be added for Additive DED Applications.


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To make the Robot perform an additive DED task, an engineer needs to determine the toolpath of the DED head and the arm movements of the Robot to achieve the ideal toolpath. This solution allows Alma to use the full Esprit additive DED cycles such as 3X, 4X and 5X, which brings a new level of support for additive technology. Esprit can support industrial robot brands including Yaskawa, ABB, Fanuc, Kuka, etc with this solution.

The end result of this technology partnership is to provide end-users with Toolpath (Planning & Programming) , Robot (Programming, Simulation, Verification, Collision detection), Subtractive finishing process(planning, simulation, verification, collision detection and G- code generation).

With several key customers and research institutions, the solution between Esprit and Alma has been proved in several applications and Test cuts with various robot brands through this Industrial collaboration.